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Magical Invocations

An invocation is a plea or request. In magic it's a summoning of an energy or a spirit. The above holds true and the energy with which we are about to deal will transform your life. There are various form of invocations available with me but I am only mentioning a few here due to copyright issues.

Genie, Jinn, Jinni, Jinnat, Djinn Invocation

If you conquer the Genie, you will end up as a King. In short the genie invocation is the mother and father of all the spiritual, magic and mystical powers available in the universe.
The Genie once under your command will act as a friend and will be your support system.
He will make you happy in every possible way.
He will get for you everything that you desire. Money, Fame, Love, Success, Happiness and a lot more.
He can take you into the unexplored heavenly places in the universe in an instant and at the same time take you into the very depths of the ocean. Nee I say more? Now if the Genie can do the above you can only imagine what else he can do for you. You have to ask yourself what you would like and before you command to the Genie is complete the thing will appear right in front of you within seconds.
Now above is all the possible things that come to mind. Each person things differently and each person has his own desires and ambitions. I can confirm to you that the Genie will fulfill all your desires, goals etc.

Spirit Communication

This Formula most notably was used by spiritualist only in the past due to the complex rituals involved in the Invocation. The Good news is that I have come up with a talisman which you have to wear during the invocation. The talisman is enacted by me with all the rituals required in the invocation. You have to do nothing other than just following the instruction that I outline. The Spirits invocation formula is very popular amongst my clients as it is used to know the past, future and the present. Many also like to know the hidden secrtes and the hidden treasure locations etc. Some people also like to communicate the with the spirits of their loved ones who have passed away.

Divine Spells

This Invocation is performed by clients who are interested in money and only money. This invocation invokes the angel of wealth. You become his master. He will bring to you money, wealth and richness in an instant. You will be enjoying money and wealth to the extreme.






























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